Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Carnaval and a Notice

Hello Gals.... Carnaval, here in Brazil, begins this weekend... Is a holiday very important here, is common to say that the year only starts after Carnaval. I don't really like it, but it is very beautiful to see the popular cultural event. Here is some photos:

Parade of samba schools - Rio de Janeiro

Carnival crowds at the seaside - Salvador BA
Giant puppets, popular culture and Frevo - Olinda
Well, after explain and show you somethings of the Brazilian Carnaval, I wanna say that I will be off for a week, because of the holidays. After that I'll post regularly, talking about Cosplay, My life, e OH! About the new trends at Spring/Summer fashion....

Kissu... Happy Holidays... Good week... Take care. =3


  1. Have fun holidays!!! (*^_^*)
    ~Kawaii Kiki

  2. Oh, are you in Brazil? Did you came here to travel?
    I am a brazilian lolita :D

  3. DÃ, esquece hahahaha não li seu about xD