Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Latest favorite coordinations

I know that I said in the last post I was post about nails. But I will talk today about a thing that I was planning to talk: My fav coordinations of the girls that I read almost every day...

Sara Mari. Her blog: Mments like diamonds

Becci. Her Blog: Kira Kira dreams

Mint. (Sorry, I really don't know her name)Her Blog: Instant Mint

Yapo.Her blog: snʇdɐʎ

I really like their blogs... I like other ones, but lately these looks wonders me...

See you! Kissu =3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring trend: Socks...

Popteen of may brings a good report about socks... To wear like a accessory and compose the look, socks are a great spring trend. I'll  post too a bonus about spring shoes, and some more dark makeup. Kiki told me that she prefers darker makeup, and I tought that some gals can like more it too.

**Do you know... Click on to enlarge**




Wonderful shoes *.*

Do you know that tis season the make up looks nautral, to find darker ones I look at Popteen's older edtions, at winter fashion... I think winter is a Glamourous season, and with sophisticated makeup and hair styles...

Well, is done!

I think that in the next post I'll show some Mag scans with some nails...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Trends!!

I get this Magazines Scans at Eki's Blog ... To show you some Gyaru Spring Fashion

Scans from Popteen and Popsister

**Click on the images for enlarge**

Knee Hight socks

Ribbons, Laces and Flowers

I particulary love the romanticism that comes with Spring, but if you like more "rocker" and "urban" fashion I'll show you Spring trends for this style.

Rocker and Urban outfits

Hair Styles

 Make up

 The make up is so natural this season...

Thats all for today...

Enjoy doing hair and make up!

Kissu =*