Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Talk About Prejudice

Hello Gals!!

I'm back! YAY!

My vacations weren't as fun as I tought! =(

But now I'm back again, and I'll you tell you the prejudices that girls suffer here in my country by being gyarus.

Almost nobody here knows Gyaru or Japanese culture, and the people ( unfortunately ) have the brains of people who live in Middle Age... You can't be different, and when you are, people look at you strange, thinking you're crazy, or laugh at you... It's very sad for me, It's difficult too. Is like being an object out of place, or be permanently deleted. Here do not have shops that sell different clothes, and I have to improvise, mixing pieces that I buy here with what I buy online.

Be gyaru here in Brazil, requires a lot of willpower and patience to deal with life's obstacles here. Sometimes I wish that I had been born in Japan, or at least to live there now. I think the greatest luck I have is that my boyfriend like the same things that me!!

I miss him! (He is travelling)

Now, I'll post some gyarus inspirations!

 Kissu ^.^

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  1. I actually understand where you are coming from... I am experiencing the same thing too! Here in our very humid country, Lolitas are prey for insult and humiliation because they think we dressed in a very funny way.. I hate it! But yeah... There's no point arguing with fools! :)) You just be yourself and keep your ears and eyes shut. :))