Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hello Gals! This is my First post! Yay! =3

In truth I don't really want to post right now, I'm embarassed because my layout aren't good... In my mind I would fix it soon, but I know that it will be impossible, cause I'm working and studing too much!

So, I decided to post before new year arrives, I wanna post my "New Year's Gal Resolutions" 

Let's start?

1# Post in this blog every day (Yes, I know I can do this!)
2# Become more gyaru (In truth gyaru style is inside me, so I'll put it out)
3# Cut my hair
4# (I think everybody say it) Lose weight
5# Study more (I need it more than all)

This is me some months ago:

After new year I'll post one picture of  "New me" (understand?)

That's all for today, in nexts posts I'll talk about the dificulties of be a Gyaru here in Brasil.

Kissu =^;^=

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