Thursday, December 30, 2010

The difficulties of being a gyaru here in Brazil and Inspirations looks for the new year

Hello gals, today I'm lazy and tired... I've worked so much this week. Actually have no desire to write, because my English is not very good yet, and got to see how to spell some words at dictionary.
But promise is promise, and I will tell you today about the difficulties of being a gyaru here in Brazil (especially in the state that I live)

I live in the North region of my country. The most hot, humid and wet one! Here we can't use coats, fur, long sleeve or boots every day. Here, only the rainny days are cool, but NEVER is cold. I'm trying to say that we NEVER have winter. 

For this reason, we can't use to much make up (I know, I know... It's almost impossible for gals) because it ends up melting and damaging the skin. So we have to adapt the Gyaru winter fashion, and it isn't very good. 

I don't know if everyone knows that when it is summer in the northern hemisphere winter is here, and when it is winter in the northern hemisphere summer is here ... So we're always behind in fashion. (lol)

Well, this kind of difficulties aren't so bad! In the nexts posts I'll talk about prejudice, the worst difficultie.
NOW.... Lets see some inspirations looks for the New Year's  parties:

Fab dress for night

Lovely cordination

For someone use at the beach

She is perfect!

Now some makeup tutorials

I will try it

And finally HAIR yay \o/

Loved this

This is what I have for today! 



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  1. Love all of these pictures!!!! The first dress is lovely!
    I'm sorry that it's hard for you to dress in winter fashions. That makes me sad because I love winter fashions, and there are so many fur things this year :( As for the make-up, I'm sure there are gal looks that use less make-up that you can try!!! :)
    I love your blog so far, and your English is getting much better.
    ~Kawaii Kiki (*^_^*)